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10 Most Common Plumbing Issues for a Household or Business

10 Most Common Plumbing Issues for a Household or Business


Clogged toilets: The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in your home or business and because of this anything that goes wrong with it can cause a huge inconvenience not to mention potential health hazards.  Your toilet could be leaking or refusing to flush, making strange noises, or may be clogging up in general.  You can try unclogging the toilet on your own at first if you would like to.  However, please remember whether it’s your home or business any unresolved problems can allow leaks to cause structural damage or raw sewage backups which can present major health hazards for you, your family, your employees or even your customers.


Clogged bathtubs & shower drains: When you are taking a shower, the water should not rise to your ankles or you should not hear strange gurgling sounds coming from the drain.  If you experience either of these plumbing issues in your household, it is usually due to hair buildup or soap scum.


Clogged sinks:  a slow drain from any sink is annoying especially when you are trying to wash dishes or brush your teeth.  This issue may not seem like an emergency however the clog could become severe which may stop the flow of water completely causing a serious slow down of your daily activities.


Leaky washing machine hoses:  Washing machines are amazing appliances that are usually strong and durable, but they do have a weak link.  The weakest link of these machines are often the water hoses. If you discover a cracked or bulging hose do not ignore it because ignoring these issues could result in mold or rust becoming serious problems


Leaking water heater:  If you discover any issues interrupting your hot water supply such as a leak you could be wasting a lot of money on water heating.  Not only could you be wasting money, but the leak could cause property damage especially if it gets worse.


Leaky faucets & toilets: Hearing a constant drip could annoy anyone but leaky faucets & toilets could also cause rust to form, could facilitate mold growth, and even cause your water bills to be higher.


No hot water:  You just got in the shower and your water goes cold suddenly or even worse you have no hot water at all.  You could be experiencing a water heater malfunction, electrical issue, or plumbing leak. Then again, it could be your utility company’s fault that you have no hot water.


Sewer system backup: This plumbing nightmare is one that no one wants to experience.  Sewer backups are inconvenient, messy, and unfortunately can be costly.  Signs you may have a sewer backup include gurgling toilets, bad sewage odors coming from the drains, multiple drain clogs or water pooling around the basement floor drain.



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