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10 Things to Avoid putting in your Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals are an important part of your household, and I know we have all thrown things we weren’t sure we should down the sink into our garbage disposal.  They are very handy for handling things such as small leftovers, most veggies/peels, fruits, and small fish bones.  But then there are things that can rip your garbage disposal apart!  Below we let you know what you should NEVER put in your garbage disposal.

Things to Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal:

1. Celery

Celery is fibrous and breaks down in a stringy manner. These strings can get caught up and tangled in the blades of your disposal, which can jam the whole system up!  Other veggies that can get tangled in your blades are asparagus and corn husks.

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may SEEM safe but they are not!  Despite seeming so small and water soluble- they certainly can cause an issue over time.  the coffee grounds will build up and create a sludgy mess in your drain!  Coffee Grounds can be similar to putting sand in your drain with the mess it can make.

3. Potato Peels

Potato peels cause an over time issue.  These peels are starchy and do not fully break down. This can cause a soupy mess in your disposal if you do it enough!

4. Grease

Grease is awful to put down any drain!  Grease coats the piping and builds up fast, it might not even make it all the way to your garbage disposal.  Grease can clog drains very quickly- so avoid ever putting it in any of your drains and dispose of it properly!

5. Pasta

Pasta EXPANDS with water and continues expanding even after it is fully cooked.  It can swell up and completely clog up your disposal.  When it swells up it can fill up your disposal trap and start to mold and stink up.

6. Egg Shells

Many people believe that egg shells are good for your garbage disposal- for sharpening the blades.  So even though they can sharpen the blades, the membrane lining in the shell can stick to the sides of the disposal and wrap around the shredder.  This can cause many issues and cause your disposal to stop working entirely if it gets bad enough.

7. Large Bones

Small thin fish bones are entirely OK to put into your garbage disposal.  But bones like chicken, steak, and pork bones will just spin around with the blades and not break down.  If they DO manage to get down- they will likely jam up in your pipes and cause a clog further in down in the drain pipes.

8. Fruit Pits

Your garbage disposal blades WILL NOT cut down a hard fruit pit.  Fruit pits can easily can jam up your blades, break a blade, and clog your pipes.  Ever tried cutting an avocado pit with a knife?  Your disposal blades will have the same reaction.

9. Cigarette Butts

Cigarette Butts are NOT biodegradable (anything that isn’t biodegradable shouldn’t be put down in your garbage disposal).  If you put the down the drain they will get shredded and bits of them can get stuck and remain in the disposal and piping.  This can cause a residual stink from the butts to stink up your sink and home.

10. Rice

Rice is just like pasta!  It doesn’t stop expanding even after being fully cooked.  Rice can easily clog up your drains and cause an awful smell to occur over time!


Keeping your garbage disposal running properly can easily be achieved with proper maintenance and not putting non-biodegradable items and the ten things listed above down it.  We all make mistakes sometimes (we live very busy lives) and accidentally put items in it we shouldn’t.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Garbage Disposal your local plumber can help you out!  If you are in the Jacksonville Florida area, A-1 can get you back right in a jiffy!  Feel free to contact us at (904)475-0093






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      Knowledge is Power! Not a problem at all! We love sharing helpful information with our customers!
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    Thanks for sharing!!!! Nothing better then a little knowledge which can save a lot of money in the long run!!!

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      So true! Saving money is everyone’s goal! Check back again next week for our next blog post! We aim to give home-owners helpful information and service to help them out with their plumbing, AC, remodeling, and Gas needs!

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