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5 Reasons To Change HVAC Filters Frequently

Your home or business usually has an air conditioning system or furnace in which these systems have air filters that have a purpose of protecting the equipment from dust and debris.

When these filters for the HVAC system get clogged your indoor air quality suffers as well as the performance of your system is compromised.

Why change filters for the HVAC system?

1. $$$$ Save money on energy bills $$$$

Not only do you save money, but you will also contribute to saving the planet because you are reducing your energy usage and overall, this is a win for everybody.

The problem with a dirty HVAC system is it consumes more power since it must work harder and run longer to reach the desired temperature you have set.

Changing your filters for your HVAC system regularly will contribute to your system working more efficiently which in turn causes it to use less electricity.


2. Equipment life is prolonged

Heating and air conditioning systems cost a lot of money so of course wanting your system to last long as possible would be a top preference for anyone.

What people generally fail to realize when they see the expected life of a system is that this expected life of your heating and air conditioning system is only based on optimum operating conditions throughout its life.

This means giving the system proper maintenance throughout its life and most definitely changing the HVAC filters on the regular.

It is true that your system may still work well for a while, but the system will not work for as long as it would if given the proper care.


3. Helps provide a reduction in dust to you space

Less cleaning is a benefit everyone could get on board with and is an attribute of changing your HVAC filters more often.

More dust can end up in your ventilation system or ducts when your HVAC filters become dirty and clogged.

As your cooled and heated air distributes into your living areas through your ducts, all the extra dust gets blown all over the place.

If you want less dust to accumulate throughout your home or business changing your filters to new cleaner ones on the regular will allow them to do their job and provide this benefit.



4. Airborne Contaminants Reduced

The typical paper HVAC filters are NOT designed to trap pet dander, mold, pollen, bacteria, or viruses so it is key to make sure you do not assume they will.

You can really help to improve the indoor air quality in your living area with the purchase of higher efficiency filters for your HVAC system such as HEPA filters.

If you work, live, or own a business in a location of poor air quality conditions you can help keep you or your occupants healthy by investing in HEPA HVAC filters and changing them frequently for reasons mentioned in this blog.

The HEPA filters unlike the pleated regular air filters that use thin layers of polyester or cotton paper have densely packed layers of glass fibers.

The best HEPA filters can trap more than 99 percent of dust, pollen, and smoke particles making them a great choice when deciding on an air filter for your HVAC system.

Although, one must take into consideration that if you choose to go with HEPA filters or some form of other high-efficiency HVAC filters there will be a need to change them more frequently due to the fact they will trap more debris or dust.

Lastly, one will also have to consider that it might cause a slight increase in electricity usage because the air flow will be restricted more causing the system to have to work harder to meet the desired results of the user.

Therefore, it would be smart to consult with a qualified HVAC technician before deciding what filters you decide to go with so you can make the best choice for you, your system, and your occupants.


5. Prevent expensive damage to your HVAC equipment

*Probably one of the most important reasons for changing your HVAC filters frequently*

When you do not change the air filter when it should be changed (when it is full of dirt, dust, and other debris aka dirty) it allows dirt, dust, and other debris to get into your whole HVAC system.  When this happens the moving parts of your system such as motors, pulleys and fans will accumulate a layer of grime.

This layer of grime causes strain and increased friction to many parts especially the motor which in turn must work harder to turn the fans that allows the system to provide air flow.

The increased strain on the systems parts will cause wear and tear that cause parts in the HVAC system to fail prematurely.

Another casualty changing the HVAC filters helps you avoid is instances where the coils freeze up or you end up with an overheated compressor, both of which could require expensive repairs.  Your HVAC system needs the air flowing through them properly no matter it be for air conditioning or heat and when you have HVAC filters that are dirty or clogged with thick layers of dust/debris it does not allow the system to work properly resulting in possibly freezing or overheating like mentioned above.



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