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Air Handlers

Air Handlers, or as they are more popularly called, Air Handling Units (AHU) help controlling the air flow in your HVAC systems. Air handlers are in charge of the circulation of the heated or cooled air throughout your home. For smaller domestic units, an air handler condition re-circulated air with the help of a blower, an air filter and a coil. These are called terminal air units. The larger units dealing with outside air are called makeup air units.

How does an air handler work?

Air handler comprises of a metal box, which has both heating and cooling systems inside. There is a blower, dampers and filter racks. The ductwork ventilations of your house’s HVAC system are linked with the air handling unit. The ducts take the air from the AHUs and after one round of circulation bring the air back to the AHU.

Where should you install air handlers?

Air handlers should be kept in dry and safe locations. The device is to kept away from any sort of water source, so that it does not come in proximity of humidity or condensation. So basements, attics and other dampened places are out of the equation. The place where it is kept must also have sufficient ventilation.

Air Handler maintenance

Like every other part of your HVAC system, air handlers also need regular maintenance. Since the air handler units are through which the air passes and gets regulated, keeping thee devices in their best form is quintessential both for the longevity of the entire system as well as for the quality of indoor air. These machines are easy to catch on dust and dirt in their everyday processing and are also made subject to regular wear and tear, since they work almost round the clock.

Calling a professional once in a while to check on the AHUs once in a while is not a bad idea to keep the system in shape.