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Common Refrigerator Issues


A refrigerator is one the most needed appliances of a modern household.  Our lives are so dependent on it, from milk to sodas to leftovers for future reheating.  Our lives are so accustomed to having one that we would struggle without it!  So when it comes to refrigerator and its problems, call the technician as early as possible for a thorough check-up and refrigerator repairs.

Common refrigerator problems

A refrigerator has many parts that can cause problems. Unlike most of the other common household devices like washing machine, dishwasher and so on, refrigerator actually operates 24×7 round the year unless they are turned off. So the parts are made subject to a much higher level of functioning. These are some of the common problems that refrigerators face.

  • The insulation does not work. Insulation of the fridge is what enables it to maintain the cooler temperature inside, no matter the temperature outside. 
  • Compressor malfunctioning. Compressor is the part that makes the refrigerator cool and preserves the food. If the compressor stops working, your fridge is good for nothing.
  • Defrosting problems. Defrost heater keeps everything it the freezer from becoming ice covered by constantly providing the heat. If you see things turning icy or not being at the temperature as they should, contact a technician for checking out the defrost heater. 

Cost of refrigerator repairs

Replacing parts like compressor, condenser or insulation can cost more, but other technical glitches can be fixed by professionals at a reasonable rate. To keep your machine up and working, remember not to overload it.