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Do you really need an A/C tune up?

If we are being honest, no one wants to spend that extra dollar when problems don’t seem to be occurring.  BUT, when it comes down to it, getting an annual A/C tune up is a VERY cost effective way to keep your A/C unit running in peak condition. Getting an annual tune up will certainly help prevent problems from occurring before your A/C unit ages out. When you keep up on the maintenance of your A/C system- it helps prolong the life of your unit, keeping you from replacing an entire unit more often than should be needed.

Tune ups also help reduce energy costs!  Us being in Florida- we use our A/C units most of the year!  Having a more energy efficient A/C unit has the ability to give you more in savings throughout the year than what you spend on a tune-up!

But, what about a tune-up helps prolong the life of your unit?  What is involved in a tune-up?  Listed below is what is usually included in the average tune-up from a professional HVAC company!

  • A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils
    • Getting the condenser coils thoroughly cleaned.  When these are professionally cleaned it raises the efficiency of your A/C unit.  As a result this will lower your energy bills and reduce the wear and tear on your unit!
  • Evaluation of Coolant Levels
    • Your service professional will check your coolant levels and adjust them based on what your unit needs.  Having the right coolant level will keep your unit running at peak performance.
  • Inspect Condensate Drain Pan
    • The condensate drain pan collects the condensation/water that drips from your evaporator coils.  After it collects the water it them moves the water out of the home and into an external location (such as your sewage).  It is entirely normal for water to be in this pan, but if it seems to be overflowing and causing your unit to leak then there is an issue. If this seems to be the case your professional will find what area isn’t functioning properly to cause this.  Sometimes it is a clogged pipe leading to the external location that will cause the overflow/leak.
  • Inspect the Condenser Fan Motor and Blades
    • If your unit is more noisy than normal you might be looking at a bad fan motor or damaged fan blades.  When your professional comes to do a tune up on your unit they will inspect both the fan and the blades to determine if they are the source of your noise and evaluate the best plan of action regarding them.  When doing a tune up the guys at A-1 always make sure to lubricate the blades and motor to keep it running smoothly.
  • Check Compressor Amps
    • If your compressor is drawing high amps- you are spending way more in utility bills!  Lack of airflow through the condenser can cause the fan motor and compressor to run hot and pull more energy due to higher load conditions.  Checking and understanding the amps your unit is pulling can help lead your professional to helping you lower your electric costs.

So once again, do you really need your A/C tuned up?   The answer to that is a resounding “YES!” Getting your annual tune-up will save you money on your energy bills throughout the year and maintain your A/C unit to prolong its lifespan.

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