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The ductworks of your air heating and conditioning system are as important as any other parts. Ducts are the coils of tubes that act as a channel for the cool air that travels from the conditioning unit to every area of the house. Ducts also remove old, stale and warm air from the rooms. Keeping the ducts clean with a professional air conditioner servicing person is quite an important task, since dust, dirt and debris in untidy ducts can block the passage of air and cause failure of the entire machine.

Types of ductworks

To classify broadly, ductworks in heating machines can be of two types – flexible and rigid.

Flexible ducts are made of copper coil and are covered with easily bendable plastic casings. These casings are very durable and are surrounded with another layer of insulation. The flexible ducts come in tube forms and are thus ideal to use in areas where there is a shortage of open space. The flexible ducts can be bended in any direction to form the channel without any trouble.

The rigid ducts are also insulated, obviously, but they are either cylindrical or rectangular in shape, rather than being bendable tube casings. The rigid ducts come in two common types –

- Sheet metal ducts are the ones you have probably seen on television and in movies. People can crawl inside these large ducts, and they are usually made of aluminium or galvanized steel. These are the most common type of ducts in commercial buildings, and also the most inexpensive one. They come with the advantage of being least susceptible to mold formation, thanks to their non-porous surface.

- Fiberglass lined ducts help in muffling the sound of the system with internal or external fiberglass lining. But they are not very safe as they harbour easy dust and bacteria, and also wear away quicker.