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 Furnace Repair

During those chilling and cold seasons of the year, the comfort of your house mainly depends on the efficiency of your heating systems. No one wants to wake up cold in the middle of the night, because of a broken furnace. With little or no experience at all, you can manage to make a furnace repair by yourself.  To make repairs, you should understand how your furnace works so that you can be sure of what to look for when there is a problem.

The following are the common furnace problems and how to fix them.

Check the Burner Flames

Common burner problems are usually caused by dirt and contamination. It is crucial to check your burners if they have any debris. You will only ascertain if your heaters are clean by checking the flames. If the glow is blue or even, then your heater is likely to clean. However, when the flush is yellow, you should consider cleaning the lamps using a vacuum cleaner.

The Furnace Does Not Blow Air

You can only ascertain if the heater can blow air by checking the inspection window on your oven. Ensure the blower has no dirt or debris. In addition to that, if it does not flash green lights, then you should consider making a furnace repair by seeking the services of a professional because the problem could be in the transformer, thermostat, furnace control board or the thermostat.

Noisy Furnace

When you notice some strange noises coming from your heater, it may be a sign of clogged burner, mechanical issues, and airflow reductions.  Apart from that, the weird noises may be produced when the pilot light is not well adjusted.  Such signs indicate that you need a furnace repair promptly to prevent your heating equipment from damage.