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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are not only an important part of your household, but they are necessary to maintain society and locality as well as the environment. So in case your garbage disposal is showing signs of defects, or not working properly, then it is time you sought professional help.  Here at A-1 plumbing we send highly efficient specialized technicians to your home for your garbage disposal repair.

The usual domestic disposals are located under the sink drain in the kitchen. Their main job is to shred down pieces of organic waste into minute enough forms to pass through the plumbing pipes to the sewerage.

Two types of garbage disposal

There are two common types of garbage disposal devices, or rather two mechanisms. One is continuous feed, where a rubber shield keeps the organic matters within the unit and runs by the usage of a wall switch. Another type is the batch feed, which start only when the disposal lid is engaged and then covered back.

Both of these types of garbage disposal will require expert help to fix if something goes wrong. You can rely on A-1 professional plumbing to solve all your kitchen related problems.

Common garbage disposal problems

The most common issues with garbage disposals are:

  • Loose wires and/or no power supply to the machine
  • Clogging of the drain because of accidental non-shredded matters
  • Jamming of the disposal machine itself
  • Leakage in one or more places of the garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Repairs and Replacements

There are answers for all these types of garbage disposal problems. Almost all the parts can be fixed independently, so repair is almost always an option. If you prefer, our A-1 technicians can also install a new garbage disposal for you!  When it comes to the garbage disposal the lids, baffles, blades, tubing, gaskets, and seals all need to be in top form for your machine to work perfectly.

If you want to meet your A-1 technician and go over your concerns; feel free to schedule your appointment here or give us a call!  We always have a trained professional ready to help you with your needs!