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Heating Maintenance

Installing the heating system in your home is one of the biggest and wisest investments you have made. Being able to control your house temperature indoors can really be a blessing, especially in places with extreme climate conditions. However, as it comes with any major device or appliance you own, the heating system of your house will need regular maintenance. It is always suggested that you hire a HVAC professional for heating maintenance services and take care of any problems or glitches that might have occurred.

Why do HVAC servicing?

- The heating system of your home takes up to as much as half of your house’s energy consumption in domestic households. So by keeping the system in good condition will save you from 20% to 30% on your electricity bills.

- HVAC maintenance prevents the chances of fire and electrical hazards.

- It extends the life expectancy of the system.

- Servicing helps keep the indoor air quality, as delivered by the system, clean and healthy.

- Calling the maintenance service on a regular, six months to one-year basis will help you save money on bigger, more expensive problems that might arise because of lack of maintenance.

Heating Maintenance Checklist

Although a servicing person will certainly know what all to check in your system, make sure these few things are absolutely included in the procedure.

- Checking thermostat settings and setting it to an appropriate level to save energy, your money on power bills and also the environment.

- Replacing the air filters to improve indoor air quality and extending life of the HVAC system

- Checking and securing all electrical connections related to the heating system.

- Having a look at the ducts, drain lines and condensate pump

- Checking the controls of the heating system.