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How Does an Old Air Conditioner Impact my Family’s Health?

Air conditioning is more than just a way to escape the heat, even though it can save you from serious health issues that arise from  dangerous heat waves.  Your AC also keeps outdoor pollution from circulating in your house and  helps you sleep more deeply. But while air conditioning can help you keep healthy and comfortable, an older unit can produce negative health effects for your family.

Listed below are some factors to consider if you’re thinking of replacing your home’s air conditioner.

Old Air Conditioners can cause Potential Health Hazards
Most HVAC professionals will advise replacing your air conditioning unit if it’s more than 10 years old. Although, if you are observing reoccurring problems with your system before that, it doesn’t hurt to consider options beyond repairs and ongoing cleaning. below are some issues that could affect your family’s health and might prompt you to consider a new system.

Damaged Electrical Components

The older your HVAC system is, the higher the chance that you’re paying for expensive repairs more often. That’s not just bad for your budget, but your air conditioner is part of a complex appliance that works throughout your house. When it isn’t working properly, it can be dangerous for your home. The electrical component of your system is extremely important here, because HVAC units with older wiring are accountable for hundreds of house fires each year. The longer you put off replacing your system, the longer you may be putting your family’s health at risk.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Your air conditioner works by cooling air over evaporator coils, which makes condensation. Where there’s condensation, mold can be present. Where mold can grow, so can bacteria. As we all know, bacteria can cause sickness. More regularly, though, mold and bacteria can bother preexisting lung conditions and allergies. Ongoing maintenance can help reduce mold growth, but broken pieces in an aging system can help mold spread.

Possible Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioners use refrigerant to keep your home cooler. But not all types of refrigerant are created equal. As the HVAC industry has evolved, we’ve started incorporating safer versions of it—especially in the last 15 years. However, refrigerant can still make your family ill. Mild exposure can create headaches and dizziness, but prolonged exposure can have more serious health effects. If you are concerned you have a leak, contact a professional immediately!

Benefits from New HVAC Units and Features
A new air conditioner can do a lot to make your home more comfortable. Newer systems have technology that can help keep your family be a little healthier, especially when you add some more modern features to it.

Improved Comfort
As your air conditioner ages, it can lose cooling power and efficiency. That could lead to  an overly warm home and sleepless nights. It could also leave you feeling uncomfortable or sick when the temperature outside rises exponentially. With a new air conditioner you wont have those worries and you can keep your family happy and healthy.

Purer Air 
Any good air conditioning system helps guard you from outdoor pollution using your regular filter, changing that filter as needed is an important part of keeping your home healthy. If you want to make your air clarity even better, contemplate adding an air purification system to a new air conditioner. When combined, they’ll keep your home nice and cool while filtering out more pollutants from the outdoors—like dirt, dust or pollen.

If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and you’re concerned your current air conditioner could be harming your family’s health- or want to see what a new air conditioner could do for your house, give us a call at 904-475-0093 or book an appointment with us online. We are happy to help you find a solution that works for you and your family.

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