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Ice machines

Ice machines

Nearly all standard food and beverage service business. It is one of the most important commercial equipment, since water to lemonade to alcohol to desserts – everything more or less needs ice in some form or the other. The ice machines come in various shapes, sizes and mechanism, and installing them needs professional help from trained technician. While you can try and go DIY with it, at the end of the day you want it to function properly and to help your business do profit rather than spend time, money and effort later to get it right.

Different types of ice machines

There can be different types of ice machines for the commercial kitchen purpose.

  • Modular or ice machine head can produce large amounts of ice, but should be kept on top of a dispenser to store the produced ice for future use. Depending on the capacity, these are made for large scale production.
  • For small scale bars and pubs, which do not need to whip out a thousand lbs of ice every day, an undercounter ice machine is the best way to go. It comes together with a self-contained dispenser, and fits under the counter of any standard height – hence the name.
  • Countertop ice makers are more for the on-the-go use rather than for using in drinks and beverages. It has a smaller storage, but production is still good. Usually the over-the-counter ice makers create smaller chips of ice, and occasionally come with a water dispenser as well. These machines are mostly used in cafeterias, food courts, institute canteens et cetera.

Installation of cooling system and cost

There are two types of cooling. The ice cooled system is the most cost effective one, with the only requirement being a ground clearance to blow off the steam. Water cooled ones are more expensive yet healthy ones, but will incur huge water costs.