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Is your AC coil freezing up?

Your AC is supposed to be cold- but not icy!

Your air conditioner is supposed to cool things down for you. However, it is not a freezer, and shouldn’t be performing as one! If you see ice on your air conditioner in general, you’re likely dealing with a compromise in the system!

Ice on your coil could be an indicator of very serious problems with your air conditioner, or it could be a relatively simple fix!

Isn’t your AC supposed to cool your home?

Remember, your air conditioner doesn’t create “coolness”,  it removes heat from the air in your home.  The refrigerant cycle is what removes the heat from your home.

Refrigerant evaporates indoors, drawing heat out of the air outside. It releases heat outdoors as it condenses.  If the coil gets too cold, the moisture on that coil that collects as condensation during the removal of heat can freeze up. If the coil freezes up, the ice creates an insulating layer on the coil, and the whole heat transfer process is disrupted.  A frozen coil can stop your home from getting cool because of this!

What can cause Freezing Coils??

As we know- the icy coils are not caused from the AC working too well- but actually the opposite.  Listed below are three things that can cause your coil to freeze over.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks.

    This is probably the most serious issue that you can encounter with your air conditioning system. If you have a refrigerant leak, that low refrigerant level is going to make it tough for the system to draw heat out of the air. Thus, the coil can get too cold and ice can form on it.

  2. Clogged Air Filters.

    This is the best case scenario for sure. It means that you need to be more diligent in changing your air filter, but nothing is really wrong with your system beyond a dirty filter severely restricting airflow

  3. Collapsed Ducts.

    Reduced airflow through the system puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the coil. If you have a collapsed duct, then airflow is obviously going to be negatively affected. This is why “out of sight, out of mind” is never the way to go with your duct work.

If you notice that your AC coils are ICY and you are in the Jacksonville area, do not hesitate to give us a call to help assess the issue!  Also make sure to check back here weekly for more specials and information for our blog readers!


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