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Remodeling for Convenience- Kitchen Edition.


Often times when we are considering remodeling we aren’t considering convenience factors- and we are more so looking for a specific style or image.  A lot of people will have everything they want “Look-Wise” down pat- such as the colors they desire, accessories, furniture, style-era…  But if you are considering a kitchen remodel, are you considering the additions that will look good AND make your life easier as well?

Here are a couple examples of convenience additions that are beginning to get added in more and more modern kitchens!

  • Pot Fillers:  These awesome additions make life so much easier if you are the kind of cook that cooks for the entire family on the holidays.  Honestly- they are wonderful for everyday use as well and make it to where you do not have to lug pots full of water from the sink to the stove.  I’m not sure if you are as clumsy as I am, but I know I splish-splash that water all over my floor every time I carry my pots from sink-to-stove and vice-versa!!  No one likes creating more work on themselves when they are already slaving over a hot stove!  I love when I am able to use a pot filler while cooking to help save me time, my back, and a mess!  Having a spigot right at your stove top just makes life, better!  It also looks wonderful and very modern.  You can get several different styles that swing out in different ways, some even have removable spouts!

  • Instant Hot Water Dispensers: Are you a tea loving person like me? Do you like a quick Ramen Noodle cup every so often?  Instant hot water dispensers are wonderful to have!  You install these dispensers at your sink and the temperature is adjustable to a hair-trigger shy of boiling hot!  I love instant hot water dispensers when it comes to making a cup of tea- it takes a lot of time out of the process and turns it into a simple, fill the cup and drop the tea bag in!  I’ve even used mine when cooking something up quickly to have the pot already close to it’s boiling point to cut down my wait time.

Do either of these convenience options sound like something you would consider during your kitchen remodel?  They not only serve function and purpose- but as you can see, they look GREAT as well!!!  If this is something you want to consider- give us a call at A-1 plumbing to get one of our certified techs out to your home to get an estimate getting these amazing additions added to your kitchen!


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