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Kitchen Sink Installation

If you are someone who regularly cooks in the kitchen and you use the sink for all sorts of disposal, it is quite normal to face problems after a while. It is advised to get a professional to see to the matter immediately. Trying to solve the problem yourself might lead to further complications, and eventually end up costing your more money than calling a plumber in the long run.

Different types of kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks come in all shapes and sizes.  They can also come in different types of materials. Stainless steel, granite composite, and cast iron are the three most commonly preferred materials for kitchen sink installation. You can customize your kitchen sink as per your necessity and asthetic desires while choosing the product; whether you want it with a double basin, a drain board, with a garbage disposal facility and so on.

Kitchen sink installation costs

What your kitchen sink installation will cost depends largely on the type you choose and how you want it installed in the counter. The self-rimming or drop-in sinks, whose edges stay on the counter surface, resting by the run. These are cheaper than the other sort, which are the under-mount sinks. The latter type is fitted in a way that the edges of the sink are recessed below the countertop. The under-mount sinks are comparatively costlier to install. However, maintaining them is much easier than to clean the edges of the self-rimming sinks.

Common problems with kitchen sinks

Using a kitchen sink for long enough will inevitably lead to problems like clogging of the drainage pipe, misalignment and blocking of the faucet, corrosion of the plumping pipes, rust and silt deposition and so on. Issues can arise with the garbage disposal as well. Any of these can make the sink unusable if left untreated. Seek professional help for the installation and replacement process.  Our A-1 professionals can walk you through the different styles and types that would best suite your personal needs.  Schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals today to go over your best options based on your personal needs!