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When Do I Need A New Air Conditioner?

do i need a new ac?

It’s a common problem. We tend to forget about our ac units until something goes wrong. If you find yourself asking “when do I need a new air conditioner?” then it’s probably time. At A-1, we follow the AC 5,000 rule; it says when you have repairs that will cost over $5,000 over ten years, then it’s time to replace. If you call us two years in a row and each repair is over $500, we suggest a replacement. Call us and schedule your AC Replacement today.

Do some math!

It can get very expensive to fix AC systems. For instance, an AC that takes R22 can cost up to $135 per pound. That can add up very fast if you have a small leak. On the flip side, if you only have a small repair, leak, cleaning, or checkup, you can hold off on replacement and go for the repair, even if it’s old.

Energy Matters! – Quip intended.

An excellent guide to measuring when to replace it is energy efficiency.  The average cost in Florida on an electric bill is around $130 per month. If you are paying a substantial amount above that- you may want to check your appliance usage- including checking how your AC unit is running.  Also, if you have been in your home for awhile and notice that you being to start paying an extra $80-$100 more a month in energy costs- that might be a sign it’s time to check your AC unit.  As you can see, these amounts can add up fast, what we listed above can add to paying an extra $960-$1200 a year collectively!


It is important to see if your system still under warranty. Some units can come with an extended protection plan, make sure you cannot use a replacement plan or insurance program to fix it.

What’s your plan?

Do you have a maintenance plan? We offer the Smiley Club, and you may have something similar, check your paperwork.

Shop around to find the BEST equipment for YOUR needs!

Make sure to shop around to find the best AC unit to fit your personal cooling needs! It is in your best interest to be well versed in the products you wish to buy, or to know what needs you have when it comes to your new unit.  At A-1 we can install any new AC unit!  Our specialized technicians can also help walk you through your vision for your home cooling and help you choose the best model to suit you!  Our guys know what works best; we love to share our knowledge with you!

Ask your tech lots of questions!

What are the average costs to run the new unit? How long is the warranty valid and what does it entail? Check online reviews of the equipment.  Bring yourself to comfort by knowing your equipment and knowing what is covered if anything was to happen!

Have more questions? Call us at 904.475.0093 or contact us today. This advice is by A1phvacr.com. Since 1970 A-1 has been your trusted premier plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration company for Marmora, New Jersey and Jacksonville, Florida.

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