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How Does an Old Air Conditioner Impact my Family’s Health?

Air conditioning is more than just a way to escape the heat, even though it can save you from serious health issues that arise from  dangerous heat waves.  Your AC also keeps outdoor pollution from circulating in your house and  helps you sleep more deeply. But while air conditioning can help you keep healthy and…
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Is your AC coil freezing up?

Your AC is supposed to be cold- but not icy! Your air conditioner is supposed to cool things down for you. However, it is not a freezer, and shouldn’t be performing as one! If you see ice on your air conditioner in general, you’re likely dealing with a compromise in the system! Ice on your…
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garbage disposal repair jacksonville fl

Summer Specials for our Blog Readers!!

We are running some summer specials! Here at A-1 we love giving back to our customers!  This summer we are going to run some fun specials for our blog readers!  Each week we will be posting a new special that our blog readers can take advantage of! This week we are going to focus on…
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10 Things to Avoid putting in your Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals are an important part of your household, and I know we have all thrown things we weren’t sure we should down the sink into our garbage disposal.  They are very handy for handling things such as small leftovers, most veggies/peels, fruits, and small fish bones.  But then there are things that can rip…
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Why would your A/C not feel as Cold as it should?

Over time wear and tear can really effect the efficiency of your A/C unit!  Living in Jacksonville, none of us want to come home after a hot day in the sun to a “less than cool” home. Here are a few things than can cause your A/C to be cooling off to less than satisfactory…
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What can cause Toilet leaks?

Have you noticed a little bit of water pooling around your toilet?  There are a few things you can look for to figure out the source of the water!  More than one thing can cause a toilet to leak.  Sometimes it can be an easy repair, other times it is a little bit more extensive. …
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We are having a Contest!!!

Does your dog love “working hard”? Here at A-1 we have two wonderful fur babies who love hanging out in the office and helping everyone with every task they can! Even if that help is licking someone in the face while they try to tighten a pipe 😉 We love our furry friends here and…
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Do you really need an A/C tune up?

If we are being honest, no one wants to spend that extra dollar when problems don’t seem to be occurring.  BUT, when it comes down to it, getting an annual A/C tune up is a VERY cost effective way to keep your A/C unit running in peak condition. Getting an annual tune up will certainly…
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Remodeling for Convenience- Kitchen Edition.

  Often times when we are considering remodeling we aren’t considering convenience factors- and we are more so looking for a specific style or image.  A lot of people will have everything they want “Look-Wise” down pat- such as the colors they desire, accessories, furniture, style-era…  But if you are considering a kitchen remodel, are…
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