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Refrigerator Repairs

Freezers and refrigerator are the one of the most expensive electronic appliances in your home.  When issues arrise, they can quickly become even more expensive if the early warning signs of problems are ignored.  Due to them having many different components- refrigerator and freezer repairs aren't something the average homeowner should risk attempting without a service professional.  A-1 is here to help!  Listed below we have some early warning signs to look out for, if you are experiencing any of the issues listed- give us a call so we can help you save time and money!

Your Fridge Is Making a Lot of Noises

A well-functioning refrigerator should produce a faint hum. If you are hearing some buzzing, thumping, or squealing sounds, then you are certainly having issues!  When it comes to noises, the problem may be on the motor, fan or the compressor.  It can be a significant challenge to determine the exact part that has an issue. You should then consider seeking the services of a professional for your refrigerator repairs.

The Fridge Is Not Cooling Effectively

Are you noticing that your refrigerators temperature isn't as cool as it used to be?  This issue can land with the door not sealing properly, the coils being dirty, the compressor, or the the thermostate malfunctioning.  If the door seals are tight enough and the coils of the condenser are clean, the issue is most likely the thermostat.  If you are suddenly seeing frost building up in your fridge or freezer, check the seal on your door.  Often times frost will build up due to moisture entering and cooling down.

Frost is present 

A standard functioning refrigerator should remain dry and cold at all times.  If there are any signs of moisture on the fridge (other than the drip pan), then parts like the door seal may have some issues. If this is not fixed, it could end up damaging your fridge. Regular checks should be done to avoid incurring a lot of money on refrigerator repairs.

When you notice these signs, opting for an appliance repair is always the most affordable option instead of replacing your appliances. Be careful when choosing your technician because unlike A-1 where we charge a flat rate, most refrigerator repairs companies charge their services on an hourly rate. On that note, it is important to ask how the technician you choose determines total bill on the repairs to protect your wallet.


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