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Split Systems

Everyone loves to come home to a fresh room, especially during summertime when the heat and humidity are too intense.  However, not everyone is fortunate enough to own a central air conditioning system in their home, and most people will opt for window units. Besides, there are rooms in your house that are not appropriate for window air conditioner units. If you wish to solve your temperature regulating problems and the most appropriate way to make your home fresh and crisp, consider installing split systems .

What Are Split Systems?

Split systems are also known as central heating and air-conditioning systems or home comfort systems, are used to either keep your house warm during winter or cold in summer. You can always choose what to do with your split systems. In addition to that, it can prevent the entry of pollutants and allergens into your house throtemsughout the year.

A split system is usually made up of five main parts;

  • Indoor unit – It consists of the furnace, cooling coil, air filter and long blower
  • A thermostat that is either programmable or nonprogrammable
  • Outdoor unit – it is made up of  the heat jump or air conditioner
  • Ductwork – it enables the movement of conditioned air from the source to all the rooms of your house.
  • Indoor air quality component such as the humidity control equipment.

Benefits of Spit Systems

It is evident that split air systems have more advantages compared to standard air conditioning systems.   The quite performance of these split systems makes them ideal and comfortable to use in your house.  The fan that cools the condenser and compressor produce some noise, but they are usually installed outside the home.

In addition to that, you can choose a multi-split system, where you can combine many indoor units to a single outdoor unit. It will cool various rooms and maintain the ideal temperature in a large room.