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Thermostats are that part of the heating system which helps keep the temperature in control. When you set the temperature to a particular level of heating, thermostat maintains that by increasing or decreasing the indoor heat accordingly. When the home grows too cold, the thermostat switches on the heating and warms up the home. Once the heat I side reaches the level set by you, thermostat cuts off the heat so that the inside of your house does not become too hot.

Types of thermostats

Depending on the usage, technology and mechanics, there are different types of thermostats available in the market. The heating system technician that you have hired for the job will explain to you the physics of the thermostat needed, if you want to. But as an owner, for your operational purposes, there are different types you should know about.

On a broader sense, there can be programmable or non-programmable thermostats. You can program the former type of thermostats to regulate temperature for different times of the day – suitable for places with extreme temperatures before and after sun down. But the non-programmable ones have to be manually changed every time.

On the basis of controls, here are the 5 types you can choose from.

– Electromechanical thermostats, which have the conventional buttons and regulators as controls

– Digital thermostats with LED or LCD screens and data entry buttons. More advanced ones have touch screen access instead of button pads.

– Hybrid thermostats are a convenient combination of both of the above.

– Motion sensor/occupancy thermostats can sense the human presence and adjust the temperature accordingly.

– Light sensing thermostats rely on the light levels of the particular room to activate the heating or cooling accordingly.

Get professional help

Thermostats are the only way you get to control the heat. In any problem in that and you will be stuck with a too cold or too hot room. To avoid such situations, get professional help as soon as anything goes down with the thermostat.