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What can cause Toilet leaks?

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Have you noticed a little bit of water pooling around your toilet?  There are a few things you can look for to figure out the source of the water!  More than one thing can cause a toilet to leak.  Sometimes it can be an easy repair, other times it is a little bit more extensive.  Slight leaks may not seem like too big of a deal in the beginning- but over time that leaking toilet is really racking up your water bill!

The sooner you identify the source of your leak in your toilet- the better.  The longer the leak is occurring, the more money you are throwing away to a higher-than-should-be water bill!

Here are a few things that can cause a leak to occur

– Loosening of the bolts that keep the toilet fastened to the floor.

– A Broken flange or gasket (where the toilet meets the piping)

– Crack in the toilet bowl.  Over long years of usage and regular contact with water wears down the material of the toilet, be it ceramic or something else. Water can seep out sneakily through these cracks, and while it might not seem a lot in the beginning, continuous leaking can cause a whole lot of wastage.

– Defective valves in the flushing system can also cause a leaking toilet. The mechanism inside the toilet cistern which stops the water once it is flushed controls the outflow. If that valve gets worn out or defective it can cause your toilet to leak.

Consequences of a leaking toilet

A leaking toilet can cause stagnation of water on the bathroom floor, which leads to rotting, corrosion, and further damage to the floor.  Leaking can also cause damage to the sub-floor, mold, mildew, and unwanted pests. You lose a significant amount of water every day as well, and the situation is not very hygienic to leave around either.

Get in touch with A-1 if you are experiencing any of these issues so that you don’t end up with any of the long term consequences!

A-1 has certified technicians that can come out and diagnose any issues your toilet is currently having.  Getting the leak fixed early will certainly save your hygiene and money on your water bill. Schedule an estimate with us today so you can avoid a high water bill!

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