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Why would your A/C not feel as Cold as it should?

Over time wear and tear can really effect the efficiency of your A/C unit!  Living in Jacksonville, none of us want to come home after a hot day in the sun to a “less than cool” home.

Here are a few things than can cause your A/C to be cooling off to less than satisfactory levels!

  • A Drafty Home
    • Sometimes our A/C can not keep up due to leaks and seeps of outside air getting in!  Make sure that if the air coming out of your vents feels cool that there are not other issues around the house!
    • The most common places that hot air seeps into are your door seals, window seals, and through windows are not closing and/or sealing entirely.
    • Other places to check for drafts can include electrical outlets, vents, and “wall seams” (cracks in corners/where walls connect)
  • Dirty Air Filter
    • How long has it been since you have checked your air filter?  A dirty air filter can restrict the flow of air getting to your A/C.  We recommend to get your air filter checked and cleaned on a regular basis!
    • less airflow getting through can cause less cool air to get into your home- and depending on how dirty it is- it could stop the cool air from getting in entirely!
  • Clogged up Condenser 
    • Your condenser is your outside unit.  This unit needs to be free of debris otherwise it can’t get rid of heat very efficiently.  In order to cool your home your AC absorbs the heat from your indoor air and deposits it outside.  If the condenser is clogged up with dirt, grass clippings, garbage, or anything else it will not be able to cool your home very well.
  • Closed up vents
    • Contrary to popular belief- closing up vents in unused rooms can actually take your A/C unit longer to cool the rest of your home off!
    • The blower is designed to push against air up to a maximum pressure.  If you close a vent, you’re increasing pressure in your duct system. This in return causes the blower to keep running, but at a lower speed.  With a closed vent you will have less air coming out supply vents, making it take longer to cool your home.
  • Too small of an A/C unit
    • Have you added any additions to your home recently?  If your unit is undersized for the space of your home it will not be able to remove the hot air from inside as quickly as it comes in.  In return it will not be able to cool off your home.
  • Low on Refrigerant 
    • Refrigerant is what your A/C unit uses to cool your home.  If there is not enough- your home will not get cool!
    • If you are low on refrigerant that means you will need a leak repair to happen.  The A/C is a closed system and should never run out or low on refrigerant unless a leak is occurring.
    • If you discover you are low on refrigerant- make sure your tech not only refills it- but also repairs the leak!  Otherwise you will be stuck filling it again- which will get expensive over time!
  • Damaged Air Ducts
    • Your air ducts are what carries your cool air throughout your home.  If they are damaged or have leaks occurring in the seams- your home will not cool off properly!
    • If the ducts are leaking- you are losing air to your attic/crawlspace rather than getting it into the living areas of your home!

These are all issues that you can have checked and repaired by a certified technician!  If you get a tune-up by A-1 we can easily check all of these things for you to make sure you are not wasting money and that your A/C is cooling off at optimal rates!

Give A-1 a call today to schedule your tune-up!  We have a spring special right now for a tune up at $20 off- it’s currently only $79!


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