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Window Units

Summer season is coming soon, and things will get real hot if they have not already. At such challenging times, it is significant to purchase new window units to make your house fresh and comfortable throughout the season. There are numerous window units to choose from, and you will naturally find the best or the worst regarding quality and price.

Before rushing to make a purchase, there are some determining factors that you should always consider to be certain of your window units quality. Check the equipment’s ‘British Thermal Unit’ the higher the value, the better the quality. However, when the BTU is high, you will spend more on energy bills. In addition to that, to improve the efficiency of the window unit, opt for those models that have insulating panels.

How to Test Your Window Units

After purchasing your window unit, how do you ascertain that the equipment works perfectly? In your available room, install the unit in a double-hung window. Set the place to 90° F and use a stopwatch to measure the time it will take to cool the room to 10° F.  Top quality window units usually take less 15 minutes to cool the entire room. If that is not so, then the quality of your window unit is low.

The following are the recommendations of window units according to the size of your room. You can always opt for other models.

  • Amana AMAPO61BW (100-300SQT)  - The window unit is equipped with a built-in timer and a remote controller.  You can buy for $ 179.99.
  • LG LW1516ER air conditioner – It can cool large rooms up to 800 sq. Ft. Offering 15,000 BTU, it will not disappoint.
  • Friedrich Kuhl SQO8N1OD – It brilliantly blends with your décor and is equipped with all the excellent features like remote control and timer.  Provides air conditioning for midsized rooms ( 250-400 sq.ft)